Florence – Sicilian Festival

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The posters advertised a Typical Big Sicilian Party where we would find tastings and sales of local products and handicrafts and refreshments. Visiting the festival in Florence's Piazza Annigoni, we were not disappointed.

I first came upon meters and meters of almond cookies (pasta di mandorla) and small marzipan sculptures of fruits and vegetables.

The cheeses were extraordinarily varied and were offered in sizeable portions.

In the center of it all was an exquisitely painted horse cart. We were in Italy!



MOFO: The Big Paella

Museum of Old and and New Art music and art festival in Hobart, Tasmania, (MOFO) began with The Big Paella cooking demo. Like our first experience with Moorilla Estate's cooking instruction, today's session was taught by Vince Trim. In the photo, that's Vince on the right. On the left is The Source Restaurant's executive chef Phillipe Leban. Vince runs the Moorilla functions, wine bar and cafĂ©. In addition to top-drawer cooking expertise, Vince is an engaging and very effective coach. And yes, Vince's Paella is every bit up to the Paella we enjoyed during our two weeks in Barcelona. For good reason, The Source is a big deal in Australian cuisine – reviewed here.